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Dr Samy Kafagy

Samy is the principal of Lakeside Dental Care. He doesn’t take dentistry only as a job, it is what he truly loves to do. He has over 16 years of experience in rural and metropolitan practices in South Australia and overseas. Dr Kafagy is also the principal dental surgeon at the successful Noarlunga House Dental and visiting dental surgeon in number of SA surgeries. He had been providing his gentle dental care in Yorke peninsula for about 5 years.

Changing the feeling about dentistry to a new level of comfort and efficiency is what he believes in. Offering his patients sleep dentistry under IV sedation, takes all stress out of his patients minds.

He is experienced in a wide range of procedures ranging from cosmetic restorations and general oral care up to surgeries like wisdom teeth removal and complex implant dentistry. Which makes him very experienced in full mouth make overs and restoration of great smiles and efficient function to his patients .

His basic implant training was in Cambridge UK. Currently, he holds a Fellowship of implant oral surgery from the University of Miami – USA, and he is an accredited dental surgeon by the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry.

He is still going on his postgraduate studies in the UK, and attends many workshops and courses about all new technologies and concepts all around the globe.

He is also a proud board member MINEC Australia he is teaching and lecturing Dental implantology with main focus on 3D radiology and guided CAD CAM SURGERIES. Dr Kafagy has particular interest in bone regeneration and new trends of bone creation and grafting using stem cell technologies.

He also holds membership of the Australian Dental Association ADA .