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The relief of pain is our prime duty

One of the worst days is when this sharp pain doesn’t stop or even give you a chance to think , work or ,even sometimes, drink. We believe that the relief of this pain is our prime duty from the moment you call us. Every person in the practice understands that a person in pain is first to be squeezed in and taken care of. Our experienced staff knows how to effectively deal with all sorts of dental emergency whether it is pain or knocked tooth or lost filling. You will not have to express your worries or concerns as you will be treated as appropriate as you just desire. Some emergency situations associated with complex existing bridges or implants needs experience to link the emergency step to the future long term outcomes. We have this vision so you don’t regret any choice later after.

If you have any emergency, do not hesitate to put yourself in the good hands. It is always worthy to mention that regular checks reduce the chances of surprising , unpredictable emergency.